Preserving the redwoods lays the foundation for our deep honor for the environment. Our waters come from local springs and are then filtered multiple times.

Our catering is one of the many ways that we support local businesses including local organic farmers. We utilize natural cleaning supplies for our retreat center. We believe that our sustainable practices will encourage our clients and community to honor the environment.

In addition, one of the Buddhist rules of conduct we all honor at Pema Osel Ling is that we refrain from killing anything. This includes all of life ranging from the many strolling deer, occasional peacocks, to the very smallest of organisms.

Our practices include:

  • Using solar or eco-friendly lighting for illuminating the trails on our grounds
  • We use natural and bio-degradable cleaning products throughout the retreat center whenever possible
  • Using post consumer recycled paper products or compostable products
  • Dedicated recycling of cardboard, paper, glass, and metal
  • Filtered water is offered throughout the retreat to allow guests to refill water bottles
  • Allowing our guests to bring their own alcohol, many choose organic and environmentally friendly options
  • Serving only organic coffee
  • Our chef is dedicated to using local and organic produce delivered from local farmers themselves
  • Our chef purchases fresh fish from local markets or straight from the fisherman
  • Our chef purchases all meats from local markets that offer humanly treated, no anti-biotics or hormones, or organic options.
  • Our kitchen also uses our organic flowers, herbs, and vegetable garden located on retreat center